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There is nothing like a brisk swim. Past an Alaskan glacier.

Photograph by Nanci Roth, National Geographic Your Shot

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Serkan Cura Haute Couture |  S/S ‘12

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Another dream about murder, but people were trying to murder me! Let’s just say I hope that means that this is the person I am in that situation, no emotion, just the desire to survive. It didn’t feel like a dream either, I was exactly me, still short and a not very strong but I wanted to live so I did.



fog on Lake Sammamish.

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My brother gets an eency bit of cancer and suddenly the house is full of flowers.

I’m allergic you inconsiderate dick.

Ugh, some people will do anything for attention.

Really though, my mom was diagnosed with breast…

I’m actually going to adopt because I don’t see the point in bringing more people into this world when there are so many children already in need of a good home. That and I’m all about population control and doing my part. But medical history is one thing that really worries me, minor stuff can be dealt with but I really want to know about any major things so that I can make sure I take preventative measures for my kids. 

How pregnant do you have to be, can you just get pregnant then abort or do you have to give birth? I’m so googling that!

8 years old is so young to have to be dealing with a period, and worrisome. Doesn’t it cause more problems than just increased risk of cancer? And you have to deal with 6 more years of blood than the rest of us, you were ripped off.


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Annie Leibovitz

Susan Sontag at Petra, Jordan, 1994

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Elie Saab Haute Couture F/W 2014-2015

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" The man who abhors violence, never carrying a gun, but this is the truth, Doctor. You take ordinary people and you fashion them into weapons… behold your Children of Time." - Davros

Isn’t it funny? The Doctor hates guns so he makes someone else pull the trigger.

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Please, please, please, please, please go watch this. You will never have lived a full life if you don’t. 

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